Cognitive Function and Multiple Sclerosis

Cognitive Function

Cognition (noun): The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. More than half of those living with MS will experience problems with their cognitive function.

Recognizing cognitive decline is important and, unfortunately, very difficult for those with MS to openly discuss. Signs may be subtle and only noticeable by those who have MS or their close family. Routine evaluations can help detect early signs and can provide invaluable insight concerning cognitive changes.

Mental Stimulation

The brain is a powerful organ that can be stimulated and challenged with intellectual thinking activities. Some activities that may help enhance your cognitive reserve are:

  • Reading
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Handiwork
  • Board/card games and puzzles
  • Drawing/painting
  • Learning something new like a language or musical instrument
  • Continue to use mastered skills regularly

A strong support system is also highly important to help recognize cognitive dysfunction as well as being a partner in mental stimulation activities.

Advancements in Research

Researchers are working to develop tools to help stabilize or improve cognitive decline. Accellacare is at the cutting edge of researching solutions and other treatment options for those with MS. Search our current MS research options and see if any may be a good fit for you or your family.

Accellacare is a trusted partner with the National MS Society. Their resources and community of fellow MS patients provide a wealth of knowledge. Visit their website to learn more about what they offer at

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