STI Awareness Week 2024

STI Awareness Week: A Call to Action. 

This week-long event aims to dismantle stigma, inspire fearlessness, and promote nondiscrimination while ensuring that individuals are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge for prevention, testing, and treatment. According to recent estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one-fifth of the U.S. population had an STI on any given day in 2018. The health care costs related to STIs acquired that year alone are estimated at nearly $16 billion.The CDC's annual STI Surveillance Report further underscores the urgent need to prioritize STIs as a public health concern. In just one year, more than 2.5 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were reported in the United States.

Campaigning for Change: STI Awareness Week.

STI Awareness Week presents an opportunity for healthcare providers, policy-makers, and the public to rally behind STI prevention. This week is dedicated to a variety of campaigns, each with a unique focus on addressing the STI crisis. 

  • Prepare Before You're There: This campaign encourages individuals to develop a prevention "game plan" ahead of time to avoid being caught unprepared in the "heat of the moment".
  • Talk. Test. Treat: Is a straightforward campaign that urges individuals and healthcare providers to engage in three simple actions: talk about STIs, get tested, and seek treatment if necessary.
  • GYT: Get Yourself Tested: Geared towards the younger demographic, the "GYT: Get Yourself Tested" campaign is designed to encourage young people to take control of their sexual health by getting tested for STIs.
In raising awareness about STIs and advocating for prevention, testing, and treatment, we can make significant strides in combating this public health crisis. Whether you are a healthcare provider, policy-maker, or an individual, your commitment to STI prevention is crucial. In the words of the CDC, "We cannot protect the public’s health without you."
At Accellacare we look forward to seeing your efforts in action across the nation during STI Awareness Week.