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Let's Work Together

We have a long-standing history of partnership and collaboration with community leaders and patient support groups who have provided support to our participants before, during and after research participation. 

We are committed to offering educational campaigns that raise awareness of the need to advance medicine and potentially aid in related symptom relief of these debilitating conditions.

Join us in our mission. We’ve engaged in the following collaborations:

  • Digital/print advertising in national publications, newsletters, emails
  • Ability to provide print or digital marketing materials or educational campaigns
  • Supporting your team in identifying and providing your patients a pathway to participate in research
  • Collaborating on launching health education programs within the community

The folks who work there are well-educated about their programs and the disorders they’re treating.

Patient Testimonial 

Our Current Partners

Participating in this program costs you nothing and the benefits extend beyond you, making you part of a larger world.

Patient Testimonial 

Mutual Benefits

With a growing database of over 300,000 patients, as well as established social media channels, physician networks and community presence, we aim to promote patient engagement with your organization. 

By leveraging our extensive patient database, your organization can extend its reach, maximize its impact and better fulfill your mission. 

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Data Protection

As the data controller for the, Accellacare is committed to protecting the information that you provide. Where you give us your consent, we may use your information to: (a) identify appropriate clinical trials for you and to let you know about them; and/or (b) send you invitations to participate in future study opportunities. You can withdraw your consent at any time, but we may continue some limited processing where we have other legal grounds for doing so.

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